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Stars have always guided and inspired men. Today they are testimonies of archeological sites which represent the shape of planets, sun, moon and stars.

In Sicily there is a place that can harmonize all these elements. What am I talking about? The Andromeda Theater. An open air theater created on the hill among the Sicani Mountains near the city of Agrigento. It is the creation of the sculptor and farmer Lorenzo Reina.

The name of the theatre is strictly linked to its structure, because the 108 stone placement corresponds to the points in the constellation of Andromeda.
Lorenzo Reina transformed the limit of his pastoral world into a passage through the art which can speak to nature, sky, sun and stars.

In order to access the theatre, it is necessary to open a door and to pass through it. Once inside, you will find a new, fantastic, beautiful and very evocative world.The place is a venue for various activities, exhibitions and cultural events. A rare example of perfect union between nature and art. This place is a must see.

Aren’t you drawn to this timeless place?

See you soon!