Coffee with a click





What is coffee? Easy! It is the most beloved drink of Italians, one of the symbols of Italy abroad. Coffee and the devoted time to it represent an undeniable moment of the day for an Italian. There are some nuances linked to coffee that are not so obvious for a tourist. Let’s see them.

1) When an Italian goes into a bar, do they not ask for coffee more than half of the time!?

2) The phrase “let’s have a coffee” is not only about having a coffee but it is a good excuse to ask someone to exchange a few words.

3) Why do we call the coffee “espresso” (express)? Because of its fast preparation and consumption. And what is the fastest way to drink it if not at the counter of a bar?

4) Drinking coffee does not have a set time like English Teatime. It’s always time for a good coffee.

5) When we order a coffee, it goes without saying that you order an espresso.

6) Would you like to be mistaken for an Italian? Easy. Never order a cappuccino after 11 in the morning. Why not? In few minutes people sitting near to you will know, without speaking with you, that you are tourists on holiday.

But, I was forgetting, coffee in Italy, except for specific causes, it is never ordered for take out!