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Close your eyes. Think about Sicily. What comes to your mind? Wonderful beaches, incredible monuments and then?

Admit it! Don’t be ashamed! I know what you are thinking about: the king of the Sicilian pastry, his majesty the Sicilian Cannolo. Visiting Sicily without tasting a cannolo is like not having experienced the real soul of Sicily. Is there anyone who doesn’t know what is it? I don’t think so. Anyway, cannolo is a real delicacy thanks to its crispy waffle, which contains a very delicate sheep ricotta cream, filled with candied fruit and dried fruit grains.

But, who do we have to thank for this “sweet heritage of humanity“? The origins of the dessert are not so clear and its paternity is still unknown today. There are different controversial versions that tell of its birth. The version we most like speaks about the union between the Arabic and Christian culture. This version traces this sweet to the Saracen domination and tells of the harem women who during the long absences of their spouse to pass the time devoted themselves to preparing sweets.

According to this version, they would have modified an Arabic sweet, composed of ricotta almonds and honey, with an ancient sweet from the Roman period cited by Cicero, thus creating the first Sicilian cannolo. Arabs or Romans, who cares!? What matters is the result! And what about the name? Where does it come from? The word “cannolo” comes from the reeds of the river, “canne” in Italian, which were used to give the typical shape to the pasta that makes up the Sicilian cannoli. The cannolo is for Sicilian people not only a sweet, but The Sweet. The king of Sunday tables, Christmas and Easter’s parties and of any anniversaries to be celebrated with family, friends, and why not, even with colleagues. When you find cannoli on the table it is always a party!

While writing this article, we had a craving for a cannolo so we went to our favourite pastry shop and ordered one cannolo to share, as it is very big and we are on a diet!As we bite into it with gusto, its indulgent taste fills our soul. Trust us, you will love it too!
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