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If we deal with Italian culture, one of the main arguments is city square (piazza, in Italian). What is piazza for Italians?

Easy! It is our compass, without it we are disoriented. Piazza is a place for business and markets, but also for rest and relax. Sometimes it is a safe refuge, a sort of “home”, as Lucio Dalla sang in his song “Piazza Grande”.

Many Italian linguistic expressions are referred to the word “piazza”.
Let’s see some of them:

  • scendere in piazza (take to the streets): to gather together in the public streets of a town or city to show communal solidarity in either celebration or  opposition;
  • mettere in piazza (make public): to announce or disseminate some information;
  • fare piazza pulita (make a clean sweep): to remove or eliminate unwanted persons or things.

Advice: once in Italy, let youself be captured by the charm of our countless Piazze!

See you soon!