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One of the most used phrases by Italian people is: “ What about having an aperitivo?”

This phenomenon represents a moment to which many Italians can’t renounce. Indeed, in many regions, between 6 pm and 9 pm, Italians meet at bars and restaurants to have a relaxing break together with colleagues and friends after work.

Aperitivo is very widespread in the Italian culture and it is an authentic “social event”. It is not only a time to spend with friends but it can also be for networking or a good excuse to invite a girl ona first date. It is fundamental not to confuse aperitivo with happy hour. The first one, aperitivo, has Italian origins and it is before dinner. The second one, happy hour, has American origins, and it is a series of promotions about alcoholic drinks and food for after-work.

What are the Italian drinks for aperitivo?

1) Americano (sweet vermouth, soda and bitter). The story says that this cocktail was named after the great Italian boxer Primo Carnera, who made his fortunes in America, hence the nickname of “American”.

2) Negroni or its variation Negroni Sbagliato (mistaken Negroni) is made using sparkling wine instead of gin.

3) Dry Martini, born during the economic Italian boom, is made by dry gin and dry vermouth.

4) Spritz, the most popular Italian aperitivo. Spritz is the classic Venetian aperitif, it’s a mix of white wine or prosecco, Aperol and sparkling mineral water.

Ah, we nearly forgot!
When you order a drink you will always have a bite to eat, specific in every region of Italy.

So, what about having an ape together?
See you soon!