Coffee with a click






10 hours - 3 months


Max. 5


Every lesson lasts 60 minutes

What is the most beloved cuisine in the world? Easy, the Italian. A pleasure an Italian can’t give up is enjoying a delicious meal or an excellent glass of wine with good company. Italian cuisine is part of our culture.

It is an authentic mix of tastes that forms the best diet in the world. Italian food is for foreigners like the Sirens’ song Ulysses could not resist. Could you resist spaghetti al pomodoro or authentic pizza? Are you often disapponted not finding good Italian quality or cuisine in your area? How about impressing your friends with an Italian dinner?

Come cook with us!

We offer 10 Online classes during which you will learn about a variety of Italian dishes and which Italian wines are best to pair with the food. With this course you will be able to improve your Italian language skills while cooking together with us learning our grandmother’s secrets. Special attention will be given to dishes of the Sicilian tradition. At the end of the online courses, you will learn the language through a real taste Experience.
Please choose an individual or group online course (max 5 people).