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10 hours - 3 months


Max. 5


Every lesson lasts 60 minutes

Do you like solving inspector Montalbano’s cases? “The Mystery of the Terracotta Dog”, “The Shape of Water” , “The Voice of the Violin” are some of the masterpieces of the most beloved Italian contemporary novelist.

Through his novels, Andrea Camilleri has contributed to change the negative stereotypes about Sicily. He gives the reader a good sense of Sicilian culture from a different point of view.

The distinctive characteristics of Camilleri’s novels are:

  • the Sicilian language: valuable, must be protected and respected;
  • the Sicilian cuisine: presented like a pleasure for all the senses;
  • the awareness of your own origins: to know own’s past is necessary to understand the present.

We offer an Online Course on Montalbano’s footsteps that will let you know the Sicilian way of life.

At the end of the course we will have the chance to live like Montalbano, walking through Vigata together with your teachers and Sicilian friends and living an authentic “Language Experience”, putting into practise what you have learned.

Choose if you would like to attend an individual or group online course (max 5 people).